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Gran's Guide to Good Guts: My Friend Mikey

By Hazel Gaydon.

A Secret Story of Miscarriages

Visits to Gran are always special to Zac and Zara. They know she cares for them and wants the very best for their lives.

Gran teaches them what is going on inside their bodies and how they can choose to stay healthy and feel well.

The latest science shows that good guts are essential to long, active lives; so learning about food will help them thrive.

We are all equipped with a friend called Mikey, who protects us every day, as long as we keep him strong.

“A fantastic book that seeks to achieve an important mission. Educating our children on the benefits of eating well, both for their health and the sustainability of the planet. Well done Hazel!” DR. RUPY AUJLA, The Doctor’s Kitchen.


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