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Exit, Pursued by a Bare

by S. M. Sedgwick

A serial killer hidden in plain sight.

Detective Sergeant Sebastian Bare is disillusioned by police work. This once-heralded ‘rising star’ is now demotivated and distracted. His personal life mirrors his career, a relationship that once sizzled with passion has turned stale.

During his career he has watched the notorious McKenzie family evolve into a highly affluent Organised Crime Group. He hates them. And the feeling is mutual.

The arrival of his new boss (and old friend) presents Bare with an opportunity to progress his personal vendetta against the OCG. But Detective Superintendent Avery is not the supportive colleague he purports to be. He’s got a dark and dangerous secret and enjoys manipulating the detectives under his control.

A series of brutal seemingly-linked murders leave the Police Service and local seaside town reeling. The killings blur the boundaries between Bare’s professional and private life and he’s left wondering if there is anyone he can trust.

How long will the serial killer evade capture? Will Bare’s past return to haunt him? Will history repeat itself? Find out in this gripping crime thriller that will have your nerves jangling from start to finish.


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