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Children of Gods

Dave Gray

The stability of the realm of Castland is under threat. Still recovering from war with Raska to the east, border strife is bubbling with Barralegne to the west. Far to the south, across the sea, the desert people of Altanya are preparing their war machine, perfecting weaponry which could change the balance of power.

But the threats do not only come from without. The people are unhappy, and their discontent is stirred by demagogues seeking to install proper democracy in the land. To the west, the peasantry is roused by a local noble’s mistreatment of two shepherd brothers. In the east, a lord raised from the common folk is resistant to the established way of doing things.

Some of the minority, usually-placid, Yanari resent their oppression, and the ancient Q’shari race still live in the wilds, driven from the world by human upstarts. And in the shadows, the sinister Order moves at all levels, plotting its rise to power.

But the machinations of men are not the only tremor. Demons have begun to walk the Mortal World, seeking souls to devour. In the Astral Realm, the gods themselves are unsettled; they can sense that the Lurker has returned.

The fates of gods and men are intertwined more closely than ever before…


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