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Choose the Softwood Roots plan best for you

  • Softwood Bronze

    Every year
    The standard Softwood Roots plan, available for free to Softwood Books clients.
    • Quarterly 1-1 Zoom call
    • Access to some video guides and articles
    • Monthly newsletter
  • Most Popular

    Softwood Silver

    Every year
    A more premium plan, giving you guidance on your writing career and access to Softwood's know-how.
    • Monthly 1-1 Zoom calls
    • Unlimited access to articles and blog posts
    • Copyright and Tax guides
    • Guides on Print & Distribution
    • How to get you and your book known
    • How to create successful events
    • Monthly newsletter
  • Softwood Gold

    Every year
    Unlimited access to Softwood's guides, knowledge and 1-1 calls with Softwood professionals.
    • Unlimited 1-1 Zoom calls with Softwood professionals
    • Unlimited access to guides, articles and tips
    • The full knowledge of Softwood professionals
    • How to market and sell your book
    • How to get your book onto Amazon
    • Monthly newsletter
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